About us

Blumanstock values

At Blumanstock you will have no trading restrictions, Even when there’s breaking stock market news, you can still execute your trades as you see fit. You can place orders anywhere, including inside the spread, and all rollover amounts are displayed in advance, ensuring transparency

As a reputed and globally recorgnized Investment Firm, Our Clients can be confident that Blumanstock constantly meets strict standards of financial stability and correct behavior towards clients’ funds and financial instruments.

Our Purpose

Blumanstock purpose remains unchanged over its 20-year history. Partner with FX and CFD traders at every call, click, or tap.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to continue advancing our brokerage making it easier, quicker, and more fulfilling for all parties who interact with Blumanstock.

More trading opportunities

With thousands of spread betting and CFD instruments to trade across forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, ETFs and treasuries, you’re able to create a diverse portfolio, increasing your potential trading opportunities.